Prayer Request – Darleen, 1/7/12

Good morning.  I know I have shared with many of you some of the struggles my cousin with autism faces.  They have been escalating more and more.  My aunt and uncle need to get him some type of help, but he refuses, threatens suicide and becomes violent.  He is 23 so it become even more difficult because he is an adult.

Last night there was a huge blow up and he finally agreed to go for help. My fear is that he will calm down today and then refuse to go etc…same patterns that always happen.  My uncle seems to be at the end of his rope, he broke down sobbing to my 89 year old grandmother (no one has ever heard my uncle cry) and now as you can imagine, my grandmother is very nervous and upset.

My uncle has asked for prayer out of desparation…he really does not know God’s power.  Please be in prayer that this horrible situation would not just get a bandaid, but get Tommy the help he truly needs, and shows the whole family Jesus’ love and power!  Thank you my prayer warriors!  Darleen

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