God goes before you

justopenthebook.comI was reflecting today on an interesting concept.  In many instances in the Bible, when a person was about to follow God’s will in their actions, God himself would go before the person and prepare the way.  Whether preparing the Promised Land for the Israelites (see Deuteronomy 1:30, Joshua 4:23) or helping prepare the response of a king (Nehemiah 2:8), God often created the circumstances and help necessary for the person to succeed.  The question that came to my mind was “Does God still go before us today?”

I reflected back on my journey with God and was pleased to find many instances where God has gone before us.  When my wife and I moved to Ventura, CA, we were in search of a new church.  Her grandmother lived nearby us, and each time we drove to visit, we passed the same church building.  Each time we passed by, we commented on how it looked like an interesting church, and maybe we should attend.  After enough of these conversations, we finally attended.  This church that just happened to be “in the neighborhood” became the place where we both accepted Christ as our Savior; where we were married;  and where we first served in ministry.

When we moved to Georgia in 2008, we knew absolutely no one there.  The first person we met was our real estate agent.  With three young children at the time, we knew we needed to find a babysitter that we could trust.  With no family or friends in the area, this could have been a daunting task.  Interestingly, in our first week in our new home, the former owner’s oldest daughter dropped by to give us the owner’s manuals for a number of the appliances in the house.  She had moved in with a next door neighbor while she finished her last year at a local college.  As we talked with her, she mentioned that she is a nanny part time for a family in the area and loves kids.  We established a friendship and not long after, she agreed to babysit our children.

Finding our first church in Georgia was another example of God going before us.  As we were settled into our new home, we discussed trying to find a new church to attend.  We had no idea where to start, and in our community, there is literally a church on every corner (if not more than one!).  We opened the mailbox on Thursday to find a flyer inviting us to attend a local church.  The ad read “Good people. Great Music.  The best day of your kids’ week.”  It sounded like exactly what we were looking for at the time.  We went to our first service that week and were soon part of the community of the church.  We served on the facilities team, renewed our wedding vows, dedicated our children, were baptized, and sponsored a needy family through our small group.  We even met our current real estate agent there!

In each of these instances, and many more I could write about, as we followed God’s direction in our life, God went before us.  He used His awesome power to create opportunities, circumstances and relationships to helps us with our needs and to help us grow in our closeness with Him.  It is encouraging to remember this as we prepare for our next transition.  You don’t have to do anything on your own.  Not only is God with you, but He goes before you to prepare the way.

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