Count Your Blessings

We all face times in our life where we are waiting on God.  It may be a financial need, a medical issue, a move, an opportunity – whatever “it” is, we have prayed and thought and now we must learn to be patient.

Waiting can be hard.  God’s timing is often much slower than ours.  While we may see a situation that seems hopeless, or frightening, or deteriorating, God knows what needs to happen and is working on lining everything up for His purposes.  And so, we must learn to be patient and wait upon Him.

Right now, I am waiting upon God.  I have a job opportunity that is very promising, I’ve gone through the interviews, and now I am waiting for the manager to return from Florida and contact me to see if I am hired.  I am developing a new outreach for our ministry as I discussed in yesterday’s post, and waiting to see where God will take it.

We are still waiting how God will provide financially for our family and our ministry.  We are waiting to find out how the birth of our next baby will go, after my wife had an emergency C-section with our son Andrew.  We are waiting for the time when we can afford to be in our own home.

So, what do you do while you are waiting?  Daniel Darling has a great post on the subject at Michael    Two primary things stand out to me to do while we wait for God’s answers.

First, to focus on God.  To pray, to read His word, to explore His character.  To focus and think often about how great God’s love is, how powerful He is, how He carried so many others out of their troubles.  Bible characters like Moses, Joseph and Abraham had to wait years to receive God’s promised blessing, but God did not fail them.

I’ve learned that what is important is that God will answer, not how He will answer.  I struggle at times to want to know how it will all turn out.  But just knowing that God is there, that He has it all under His control, is all I really need.

Second, I’ve  learned to count my blessings.  In the midst of uncertainty, tough decision, danger and challenging circumstances, God provides an amazing amount of blessings, in the moments of each day.

Just today, I received a part time job opportunity to give us a little extra earning power.  A family in town gave us some baby items to help us prepare for our new baby.  The scorching Atlanta heat was a few degrees cooler, making for a great morning run and some evening outside play with my kids.  My wife made some delicious cinnamon raisin pancakes for breakfast and garlic chicken and pasta for dinner.

I got out some Hot Wheels cars and an empty doll house and played car wash with my boys.  The local grocery store mailed us some great coupons, which will help us stretch our budget on our next trip.  I spent several moments holding hands and telling the most beautiful woman in the world how much I love her.  I laid in bed with my two daughters, reading a Charles Dickens classic and teaching them about peasants, revolution and life in the late 1700’s.

I had hot water to clean our dishes and clean myself today.  I got to be the monkey in a game of monkey in the middle.  As I helped clean up our house today, I found toy giraffes with jumprope leashes and water bottles with doll dresses on them.  I smiled – what an incredible season of life God has given our family.  The creativity, laughter and joy of our gang of four under 10 year-olds is priceless.

I thanked God for a body that can run, a mind that can think, fingers that can type.  For a god loving wife and beautiful children.  For our great country and the freedom to worship Him without fear.  For our church, our families, our neighbors and friends.  For the privilege of having a part in sharing God’s goodness and reality with others.  And most of all, for the comfort of just knowing Jesus and that He is here with us.

God will show up.  He will provide answers.  And just knowing that is good enough.

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