All Things For Good

Sometimes, its the pain in our life that can do the most good.

As I write today, I am in the planning stages of opening up a new door in the life of our ministry.  After much prayer and counsel, I am working on creating a presentation about my struggle with lust to be used in speaking engagements with men’s ministries at various churches.  I have shared on our site about my struggle with pornography addiction and how God has help me to overcome this sin.

I knew when I started our ministry that God had a plan to use my past to help others.  Part of that work is what we’ve already done in sharing our story through this blog.  Now, God is leading me to reach out to men in our churches who are facing the same struggle.

My prayer is that through sharing my experience, others will find hope in the power of God and be freed from the sin that entangles them.  As I research and talk with churches, it is amazing how many men are trapped by lust and pornography, both in and out of the church.  The wives, families and children that suffer, the pain – it is so saddening to me.

As I’ve thought about taking this next step to reach out, it can seem overwhelming.  Sharing some of the darkest and most painful parts of my life, onstage, live…well, its a bit frightening, to be honest.  But that is how I came to see how good God is, even in our pain.

Because God carried me through this, I have the opportunity to help so many men and families.  By sharing my story, recounting the darkness and how God ultimately shined his light in, others can be encouraged.  I’ve read and seen how others faced dire circumstances, and God’s glory was revealed as he lead them out of it.

Corrie Ten Boom’s story of survival through the Nazi death camps, as shared in the book The Hiding Place, has been a source of inspiration for so many Christians.  The story of 8 year old Tyler Doherty’s battle with cancer, as told in the movie Letters to God, inspires and led to the development of a community support network  for thousands of cancer victims.  Nick Vujucic was born without arms or legs, yet God has used his life to create a ministry that has led thousands of people to hope in Christ.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Sometimes, it is exactly our darkest moments, our most severe struggles and pain, that God wants to use for the good.

If we understand this as we face trials, and are willing to share our stories, we can remain confident in the goodness of God.  Who knows how God may use our stories for the good of those who need His help?

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