justopenthebook.comHere it is, one week after the Launch of our ministry, and we’re already at nearly 300 visitors and a couple dozen subscribers to our Newsletter!  Amazing!  Plus it’s been nearly two months since I quit my job in the finance industry to become employed by God and we’ve tapped into our savings only once, and that was to pay off a credit card bill following God’s prompting!!  It’s not always easy to follow the promptings God gives as fear sinks in at the same time, but I’ve learned how to discern; and it’s true…Where God guides, He provides…”with God all things are possible!!!”  (Matthew 19:26)

My Journey So Far (part 1 of 3)

justopenthebook.comMy Journey So far…

I don’t know what you know about me or where you might be in your relationship with God.  You may not believe in him at all; you may think He exists and is generally good; you may have some understanding of who Jesus was; you may be a lifelong church member and believer; you may have a dynamic walk with God that penetrates your whole life.  I am just an ordinary person with lots of flaws and a whole lifetime of mistakes.  I am no different than you, or maybe in many ways worse than you. [Read more…]

Drawing Close to God

justopenthebook.comFor a long time, I struggled in my relationship with God.  When I came to know Jesus Christ,  I was excited to learn about him and his ways.  But I found myself having trouble really knowing how to be with him, how to hear him clearly.  The verses I was reading in the Bible said Jesus would be my helper, my counselor, that He would guide my steps.  But inevitably, I would understand this more with my head than feel it in my heart or see it happening. [Read more…]

The Launch!


Here it is April 22, 7 weeks after I left my corporate finance job to follow God, and we are about to launch our online ministry! – www.justopenthebook.com!

I am so excited about what God is doing in our lives!  I have been up past 3am every day this week getting the website finished, and I have never felt more joy in any work I’ve done before.  I’ve had time to help rebuild my relationship with my wife and spend great time with our kids.  God has helped me learn to be a web designer and used my wife to bring his word to life in an amazing way.  And this is just the start!  What a great God we serve!

I can’t wait to share more in the coming days as we see more of how God is working!

The Best

justopenthebook.com The Best – that’s what we’re all after, right?  We want to be our best, to have the best life has to offer, to get the best value, to be best in show, to make the best deal.  But how do we know if what we have is really the best?  How do we move from where we are to the best God has planned for us?  Why do we sometimes feel like we did our best, but the results don’t feel like God’s best for us? [Read more…]

The Bigger Risk

justopenthebook.comLife is full of risk.  Each day, every one of us takes amazing risks – risk of loving others, risk of being rejected, risk of failure. We risk our lives flying 30,000 feet above the earth, and weaving through speeding traffic to make it somewhere a few minutes faster than we did the day before.  We are so accustomed to taking risk that we hardly think of it as risk at all.
But there are risks that we take and risks we are afraid to take that cut much deeper and mean so much more.  We risk our eternity, our souls and our destiny by the choices we make. [Read more…]